Why do Americans pay so much for an education that can be proven to not be the finest?


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Ashley =) :

If you visit NationMaster.com, you’ll see that the top 5 countries with the highest mathematical literacy rates beyond high school are Japan (#1), South Korea (#2), New Zealand (#3), Finland (#4), and Canada (#5), with the US ranked at #18.

For reading literacy rates, there’s Finland (#1), Canada (#2), New Zealand (#3), Australia (#4) and Ireland (#5) with the US ranked at #15.

For scientific literacy rates, there’s South Korea (#1), Japan (#2), Finland (#3), the UK (#4) and Canada (#5), with the US ranked at #14.

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Regardless of what country I’m from, I’m paying between $5-7K each year for my university education. When considering these stats, why aren’t more Americans packing their bags and heading for a country where the education is not only better, but also CHEAPER? I hear that at some American schools, students are paying almost $15k a SEMESTER?!?! Are they NUTS? It just does not make any sense to me. Explain, please. I’m not being anti-American. Just…wow.

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there are schools that are even more expensive than 15k a semester… I’m paying 20k a semester for my education… sucks huh?

Oh well… if I can make 60k+ a year right outta school, can’t complain right?

Saul Meiser

Those statistics don’t represent or mean anything because the whole nations weren’t tested. The variable would be the control group that is submitted for testing.
In America, we educate the children of illegal immigrants, if we subtract their scores, that leaves you with a little more average control group. Illegals aren’t dumb, but they perform like anyone who is tested in a language that is not their own.

Americans have been the most innovative members of the planet for over 100 years. They are the people that created the airplane, the computer, the car, the railroad, the phone, the Internet, the heart transplant, and so on. I’d have to think at least a couple of them aren’t half stupid.


Sure our education costs four times as much but we make four times the salary when we finish. It is unfortunate that our system does not subsidize education as much as most developed countries, but those are the conditions that exist.

Most Americans could not get in to a foreign university. The seats are not available to the average person. The US is more egalitarian in that regard. You do not have to be smart to go to university, just rich – or willing to mortgage yourself with huge student loans.

I have been educated both in the US and in the British system. I know that the British educational system is better in most regards, but that is beside the point. One is educated where it is convenient and possible for one to be educated.


What my parents told me is that what I learned in college they learned in high school, or even before high school. I think the school system here in the U.S. is a scam. Why should we need to learn in college what our parents knew at much younger ages?


Some professional institutions do not have the legal right to hire you with degrees from other countries. It depends on the field you are in. With many professions you could come in with a doctorate from another country and still have to be educated or train in America in order to be licensed. It does seem unfair, but if you need to live in America and work there you have to meet their criteria, even if the standards seem lower.


The ratings are based on High Schools. Our High Schools for the most part suck. It’s our Universities which are well renowned across the globe. That’s why we have so many people coming to them. Also for some reason, a degree from an American University tends to hold a little more water than one from somewhere else. Not sure why.


Finland isn’t that low ranked. Finland is nowadays #1 in maths and science, but has dropped to #2 on literacy.

And I think your education sucks because you have burger meals in schools and everyone is coming to school only for them, lol.

Well not really, but I really don’t know the real reason, I have graduated from a Finnish high-school, and never seen American high school. Our teachers are the smartest people in this country, so that maybe the reason for this. By meaning smartest, I mean the people who do the best in school, they become very often teachers.

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